• Dusseldorf for everyone!

    Dusseldorf for everyone!

  • Düsseldorf für alle!
  • Düsseldorf für alle!
  • Düsseldorf für alle!
  • Düsseldorf für alle!
  • Düsseldorf für alle!


Anyone who has already had the experience of walking along the Rhine promenade, drinking an Alter (or two) in the lovely old town, visiting the media harbour or climbing the Rhine Tower (Düsseldorf´s tallest building with a stunning view of the city from 168m) can confirm: Düsseldorf not only has a good quality of life but is simply cool.

Dusseldorf is perfect for young people, art lovers, connoisseurs of good food and of course, shopping fans. Düsseldorf is elegant, cosmopolitan, chic, edgy, warm, honest. Here you can celebrate, love and live. And the Auszeit is right in the middle of it all.

Here are our top 3 attractions, not to be missed:

  • 1. Old Town (Altstadt):

    Our Old Town is known as the world's longest bar with more than 260 pubs, breweries, lounges, cocktail bars, clubs and fine restaurants! This fact alone is worth an extended visit …

    The famous old town of Düsseldorf (Altstadt) is a wondrous square kilometre and is the much celebrated "longest bar in the world" with more than 260 pubs, breweries, lounges, cocktail bars, clubs, and fine restaurants! This fact alone is well worth a visit ... But it's not only body and soul that will feel great in Düsseldorf's Altstadt: the district will also provide intellectual stimulation as this is where most art and cultural venues are to be found, like the major Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, the innovative NRW-Forum, the venerable Museum Kunstpalast or the Filmmuseum, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, (Opera House), the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and the Tonhalle (Concert Hall) all bear witness to Düsseldorf's reputation as an international centre for the arts and culture.

  • 2. Rhine embankment promenade:

    One of the most beautiful river walks in Germany, second only to the Königsallee (Kö), the great strolling and shopping promenade in Dusseldorf. In Düsseldorf the name “Kö” implies: See and be seen. The Rhine promenade, on the other hand, is where one goes to dive into life. Meet friends or strangers, enjoy an ice cream, watch the ships sail by and relax on a comfortable bench. You will almost certainly find a festival or an open-air market to celebrate life. Those who want can board a beautiful ship from Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschifffahrt for a calming Rhine river cruise.

    Rheinuferpromenade symbolises Düsseldorfers' joie-de-vivre and in the summer it’s an expression of the city's Mediterranean lifestyle. The loud roars of the traffic that runs beneath its bluish, wave-patterned pavement remains unnoticed.

  • 3. Media Harbour Dusseldorf (Medienhafen):

    Our harbour is very special: International renowned architects such as Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield, Joe Coenen, Steven Holl and Claude Vasconi have renovated warehouses and old buildings to build modern high-tech media edifices that rejuvenate the ancient harbour.

    The Medien Hafen also plays in the premier league of culinary experiences: from the exquisite Berens am Kai with it’s Michelin star to a golden Düsseldorf curry sausage. Oh, don’t forget a cosy cocktail in the evening – the owners of the bars and restaurants have learnt to cater to a heterogeneous clientele which comprises of businesspeople during the day and fashionable in-crowds in the evening.

Cycling to the Kö!

Just few steps from our hotel you can rent a bike for your Düsseldorf tour!

Some people do it for the fresh air, others because it’s a better way to discover a city: Anyway, Cycling is in!

You need only to book your bike online – just click on the site or call the phone number that is printed on the bike, get an activation code for the combination lock and you’re off! You can rent a Nextbike at any station of your choice. Just a quick call to Nextbike to indicate return location and done!

Click on this link to reserve your bike prior to arrival: Link

Looking for some Inspiration?

Read about our Top 3 Dusseldorf´s attractions in Fun & Events. Of course, you should have a little time to spare.

Looking for more ideas to explore Düsseldorf? For example, the medieval Zons, he port of Duisburg, the industrial area of Oberhausen, Essen, or even Cologne. There is plenty to do in our region - we can help you with specific sightseeing advice!


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