• We love breakfast.

    We love breakfast.

  • Wir lieben Frühstück.
  • Wir lieben Frühstück.
  • Wir lieben Frühstück.
  • Wir lieben Frühstück.

Yes, we love breakfast. So much so that we look at it every day anew and invent new delicacies over and over again. Sweet. Hearty. Healthy! Organic. Lactose and gluten free. Regional and good! That's why we visited our favourite suppliers with our photographer. So you can see where we source the ingredients for the best hotel breakfast ever. Have a look at our little stories below.

Many breakfast items are made by us. So we always know what's inside. And we are very inventive! For example the "most delicious jam in the world,” our Raspberry Macadamia Jam, for example? Spread onto our home-baked organic wholemeal spelt bread with hazelnuts? Or green smoothies made from leaf spinach, fruit and coconut milk? Whether our guest’s a gourmet food or fitness blogger, a meat-lover or a vegan cereal lover - we make everyone happy. Enjoy the best time of the day at the Auszeit.

Stay overnight at our
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Not only do we have a delicious, healthy mega-breakfast, you can also enjoy a good-night’s sleep with us. Find the perfect room here.

Your Breakfast

Alone, with family or friends...

Your Breakfast

  • Monday to Friday
  • 06:30 to 10:00 am
  • Saturdays, Sundays, holidays
  • 07:30 to 11:30 am
  • from 19,50 EUR per hotel guest/breakfast
  • from 25,00 EUR per person/breakfast (visitors)
  • (Children between 6 and 12 years old pay 10,00 EUR)
  • Please make sure to reserve a table.
  • Order your table via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Breakfast as a gift

  • from 25,00 EUR per person/breakfast; 10,00 EUR for children from 6 up to 12 years old
  • Buy great gift vouchers to give away.
  • Order your voucher via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your Breakfast fairies

Breakfast fairy Daniela “Mix-ologist!”

Breakfast fairy


Breakfast fairy Daniela -

Spinach to drink? Really? Yes! But not only super-healthy, green, juicy spinach leaves are allowed in our green smoothie (which Daniela shows us here) but also sweet pineapple, mint, a little banana and... coconut! Well, you just gotta try it? Delicious! Okay, it's still spinach - but in an incredibly refreshing and creamy drink.


Breakfast fairy Aga

Breakfast fairy


Breakfast fairy Aga -
Fresh Veggie Squeezer

Our Aga also makes us delicious vitamin bombs for breakfast. For example, this freshly squeezed carrot apple-ginger juice. It's not only wonderfully healthy and tasty, but it's also visually appealing, isn't it? The secret of this special taste: our crunchy, red ‘cheeky’ apples from the region.

Breakfast fairy Jelena

Breakfast fairy


Breakfast fairy Jelena –
Muffin queen

Come over here, you little, sweet, fragrant, wonderfully fluffy... Muffins!! We want you all. Banana-almond, triple chocolate or cinnamon muffins. A “Welcome Home” Muffin or rainbow muffins with lots of glitter. Who can resist? Not us! All home-baked and prepared and decorated with a lot of love and joy - by our breakfast fairy Jelena.

Breakfast fairy Linda

Breakfast fairy


Breakfast fairy Linda –
Chocolate Strawberry Sweetie

Famous for her inspiring cupcake and cake workshops, our breakfast fairy Linda is now using her talents for our guests. Be it whole milk, chocolate, pistachio, and fresh strawberry cake, Raffaello cake or white chocolate mascarpone with blueberries - here one cake beats the next. This is really almost unbearable! Come and help us enjoy.

Breakfast fairy Monika

Breakfast fairy


The Jam Madam

This is our breakfast fairy Monika. She's cooking jam again. She simply cannot be stopped. They are so delicious through the seasons... from quince jelly to sour cherry marzipan to baked apple jam and strawberry mint. From apricot cashew nuts to plum jam and of course white chocolate and strawberry jam a.k.a. Fortuna jam.

Do you also have crazy jam ideas? Please send Moni the recipe. She's always looking for new ideas.

Regional & Tasty

Even if our breakfast delicacies sometimes seem exotic - regional quality is very important to us. Reliable partners, local producers and of course it has to taste good. We have developed very good relationships with a number of suppliers. Here we would like to introduce you to some of our favourites. As you can see, we have a lot of fun working together.

Our favorite suppliers

Fruity, green, fresh

Fruity, Green, Fresh:

Früchtehaus Bahners


Who doesn't like some fresh Daikoncress over scrambled eggs? Delicious fruit and vegetables, fresh from the tree, bush, field? Only regional partners such as the Bahner fruit house can do this.

There’s really been quite a difference in our breakfast guests. In the past, our guests used to come for a quick coffee and a sandwich for breakfast. Hurry, hurry. Today they build the most beautiful and delicious “Muesli bowls" from Chia, Goji, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Even we breakfast fairies can learn something new!

Here you can see Moni and Jelena fruit shopping with their helpful colleagues at Früchtehaus Bahners.

Sweet or spicy

Sweet or Spicy?

Düsseldorfer Senfladen

Sweet or spicy?

We can also serve a hearty breakfast! How about some small homemade meatballs or spicy sausages? Paired with spicy Abby mustard! It has been around since 1726 and because of this (and its taste) it’s known far beyond the borders of Düsseldorf. We have the original stone pots which Linda fills up regularly in the Düsseldorf Senfladen. Here you can also get to know the latest mustard creations from Löwensenf and of course you can try everything on site.

Here you can see Linda at the Düsseldorfer Senfladen!

Fresh from the farm

Fresh from the Farm:

Eggs from Möllenhof

Eggs from happy chickens

We take eggs seriously. Well, actually, we find regional quality and a responsible approach to the animals are particularly important here. Here we have a reliable partner in the family Werner vom Möllenhof in Kevelaer in the Lower Rhine area.

The chickens supply us with very sweet eggs by the way... Here you can find great photos of Moni and Aga with farmer Werner at Möllenhof...

Precious & delicious

Precious & delicious:

Teeladen Pahlevan

Stay calm and drink tea.

Naturally, tea drinkers are sophisticated connoisseurs. We know that. That’s why we don't offer just any tea, but the finest teas from our Pahlevan tea shop, the specialist shop which we trust. High-quality blends of loose black, green, fruit and herbal teas. From Darjeeling to Matcha, Pretorian Rotbusch tea to fresh ginger tea. Ready to brew in a small teapot with a porcelain cup. This tea shop suits us perfectly: regional sales, personal advice and a real love for good tea. Guests can even take some home with them.


Here you can see our Moni drinking tea and staying calm in the Teeladen Pahlevan.

Herbs to self-cut



It's also nice when our guests bring us ideas that we never would have thought of ourselves. For example, we once had pots of basil decorating the buffet. Then we saw guests plucking it over and over and praising us for offering them special freshness. So we set out to make a small green herbal artwork at breakfast. A feast for the eyes.

Here again our Jelena buying herbs at Bahners.

Fiery herbs

Fiery herbs:

Et Kabüffke


Blackberry meets Killepitsch

We absolutely love offering the taste of our city at breakfast. So we cooked one of the most delicious jams from blackberries and Killepitsch (a local schnapps). Only five or six glasses at first, because we thought, “A herbal schnapps in the morning is too radical.” Far from it! The glasses were empty in no time. Our guests love them! Maybe it's the name, who knows?, “Blackberry meets Killepitsch.” International mixes with local. :-)

And where can you find our beloved Killepitsch? At the Et Kabüffke in Düsseldorf's Old Town! Here you can find beautiful pictures of Moni and Jelana at the Killepitsch-Kauf.

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Exterior view

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Some Short Facts

Short & Sweet

The Auszeit Hotel is one of the most beautiful breakfast hotels in Düsseldorf and a pleasant residence for everyone, for short or long stays. Here you can find the most important facts about Auszeit Hotel Düsseldorf at a glance. For more information, please see the linked pages.

The Auszeit Hotel Düsseldorf offers:
  • 54 stylish nonsmoking rooms in different sizes of up to 40 square meters (Standard and Comfort Rooms).
  • All rooms have a minibar, desk, 32-inch LCD TV with 6 free Sky channels, telephone, tea and coffeemaker as well as other specialities.
  • Wireless Internet Access throughout the hotel.
  • Buffet restaurant and a very, very, very large breakfast buffet (60 seats).
  • Summer terrace with garden area (30 seats).
  • Cozy bar and lounge (20 seats).
  • Sauna and relaxation area.
  • Fitness area.
  • 25 parking spaces in the hotel’s garage (EUR 20.00 per day). Free parking is available around the hotel.
  • Pets are not allowed.


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